Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Pinterest Inspired Project

So, I have been re-arranging our living room in hopes of giving it an update remodel soon. There is so much that I want to do in here it's crazy. But of course, we have to have money. For right now I will just settle for little projects here and there. Our mantel has always been one of those little projects that just has never felt right.  It just never has that perfect "oh wow" factor that I've always wanted it to have. It started out a natural wood color (I need to find some pics) and here recently we painted it white. At first I did not like it but as time went by it started to grow on me. I had this picture hanging above the mantel for like 4.5 years now:

And with the mantel being white now, it was time for the pic to go.

So, I decided to move the wall clock we had above the tv to where the art picture used to be. And I Love it! 

But it still needed something... I just could not think of what that something was
I was looking on pinterest one night and found this picture:


And to tell you the truth I am not crazy about this at all but that molding definitely caught my eye. And what would you know, we have about 20 sticks of base cap in our garage right now waiting to be used. I thought it would be perfect to frame the clock and give it that lil somethin somethin it has been needing. And off my husband went to the garage, what a good man.

And here it is all finished:

I really do love it.

And since then I have changed that candle out to match the other ones, just in case you noticed that :)

Hope you enjoy!

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