Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Eli Tree

      It feels like forever since I've been on here now. It seems like everyone in our family has been sick for the past couple of weeks, it started with the stomach bug and then eventually turned into fevers and runny noses. Aggh! So, with that being said I have not had much time to do any blogging but I have had time to do a few projects around the house. I've been dying to show you all of the little things that I have done.

This is the little project that I did in my youngest son's room. He really didn't have too much of a room or nursery until Christmas this past year because lack of money and I just didn't really know what I wanted to do. I love blue and brown together so I did decide to do his nursery in a blue/ brown kind of theme but we just didn't have the money for furniture. So, he slept in a pack-n-play until he was nine months old. Poor little guy. But after Christmas he got a crib, dresser, and a toy storage cubby. It really started coming together but there was a big, empty wall still. I thought about moving our armoire up there but that plan kinda bombed when we couldn't move the armoire up the stairs. It was soooo heavy! So, I decided to paint a tree mural for him and it was 10x cheaper than buying a big piece of furniture to fit that wall. It was actually free!

Here is the empty wall before:

I started by drawing the outline of a tree with a pencil. I messed up a lot but eventually, it was the way I wanted it.

Then I outlined the outside of the tree with a fine tip artists brush and some dark brown acrylic craft paint.

After I did that I stole a couple of polka dot stickers from my daughters room that were the perfect size for the circles I wanted for the leaves. I outlined them with a pencil and got to painting. This time I used some left over green paint from my other sons nursery.
And a couple of days later, it was done! I'm actually pretty proud of it. It might've been the easiest and cheapest project I've ever done and it really added a lot of personality to my little bears room. Hope you like it!

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